Asset Management and Maintenance
The Asset Manager shall be responsible to ensure assets are maintained in a good leasable condition.
Conduct viewings, handling / taking over of the properties, maintaining and preparing the properties for fresh tenancies and recovering the properties in good order upon expiry of the lease.
Liaising with Government authorities, leasing service providers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, auditors, maintenance contractors and insurance companies, on matters relating to the properties.
Provision of monthly management report
Reviewing and advising property tax assessments for objection or appeal
Filling for property tax vacancy claims
Attending to complaints, queries and suggestion received and to keep records of all feedbacks
Holding and maintaining all licenses and registration required by law

Financial Management
Collection and depositing of rental monies, service charge and / or other amounts due from the tenants
Provision of monthly fund movement

Lease Management
Liaising with tenants in all matters relating to lease agreements
Both global and local firms, foreign funds, property developers and owners, private investors and traditional high-net-worth families.
Periodic market reports on sales and rentals to assess your asset performance against market trend